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NEW: Russian Destroyer enters the Mediterranean sea


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The Russian Naval Information Service announced the entry of a Russian Navy destroyer bearing the name of the Russian Admiral Kulakov into the Mediterranean.

The announcement said that the destroyer “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” crossed the Strait of Gibraltar on the night of August 18, heading to the eastern Mediterranean.

He pointed out that the battleship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” will enter one of the ports as soon as possible to refuel. Then it will continue its journey until joining the group of Russian naval vessels in the Mediterranean.

The Russian warship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” left the base of the Russian Navy in the city of Severomorsk, northern Russia, on June 28. Before arriving in the Mediterranean, it participated in the military parade held by the Russian Navy in St. Petersburg. Then it took part in the training project carried out by Russian naval units in the Atlantic Ocean.

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