NEW USA: Block on Turkish UAV parts – Letter from Bilirakis and Cicilline


US lawmaker David Cicilline and Greek-born Gus Bilirakis are leading a bipartisan appeal to the State Department to suspend US drone technology export licenses in Turkey, pending a formal inquiry into the destabilizing role of US drones. South Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa.

In particular, on Friday, MPs Cicilline and Bilirakis urged members of the US House of Representatives to co-sign a letter urging Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to draw up a report on the wider implications of Turkish drone production. currently imposed sanctions, and whether Turkey’s actions constitute another breach of NATO regulations.

“Over the past year, Turkish drones have been deployed by Azerbaijan against Armenian civilians in Artsakh, Syria against Kurdish forces collaborating with the United States in the fight against Islamic State and the Libyan civil war,” the statement said. evidence from the Archah battlefield confirming the use of American technology and components in Turkish unmanned Bayraktar aircraft.

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