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Polaris 21 | Exercise in the Mediterranean under French leadership with Greek participation


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Preparing for a high-intensity battle under the leadership of the French Navy is the French exercise “Polaris 21” held in southern Corsica with the participation of 6000 troops, 25 ships, 65 aircraft, and helicopters from France, USA, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Britain.

“Polaris 21 is an exercise prepared and conducted by the French Navy, which combines the capabilities of the army, air force, and space. This includes a scenario of increasing complexity that is very realistic, with training in operations conducted both on the high seas, off the coast of Corsica, in the air, and especially on the island.

This is called high-tech training and it also includes cyber activities and interactions with space systems and equipment, ”said Rear Admiral Emmanuel Slaars, who led the Polaris 21 exercise.

Polaris 21
Polaris 21 Photo by Marine Nationale (Twitter)

“6,000 soldiers are participating, including 4,000 sailors, including Americans, Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, and British. “These sailors are coming to train with us in this exercise, emphasizing the interoperability of our sailors and our armies, that is, to demonstrate our ability to work together effectively among allies,” Slaars added.

The exercise is completed yesterday and from the Greek side the Frigate “ADRIAS” participates, while the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle is also participating in the exercise.

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