Russian MiG-29 crashed, killing its pilot in southern Russia


A Russian MiG-29 fighter jet crashed in the southern Russian province of Astrakhan, resulting in the pilot losing his life.

According to the Russian Sputnik news agency on Thursday, the press office of the Russian Southern Military District confirmed that the plane crashed on, Wednesday while performing a normal flight without ammunition.

He added that the plane crashed in an empty area in the Ashulok military field and the Russian authorities rushed to send a committee of the Russian Air Force’s Supreme Command to the crash site of the fighter to find out the causes of the accident.

And last Thursday, Russian media confirmed that 8 people were killed in the crash of a Mi-8 helicopter with 16 people on board in the east of the country. The Russian Emergencies Ministry said, in the early hours of this morning, that the helicopter was carrying tourists on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of the country.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry confirmed that the helicopter had 16 people on board, half of whom survived, according to Sputnik.

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