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Sandhurst 2022: The Greeks are the most lethal squad


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The title of the most lethal team and the first place among many other foreign teams was won by the Hellenic Army Academy in the SANDHURST 2022 military skills competition in the USA.

Sandhurst 2022: The Greeks are the most lethal squad

The relevant announcement of the Hellenic Army General Staff states:

“On April 29 and 30, 2022, the SANDHURST International Military Skills Competition (SANDHURST MILITARY SKILLS COMPETITION) was held at the premises of the US Military Academy (WEST POINT).

The competition was attended by a total of 48 teams [35 from the USA (WEST POINT and other Academies) and 13 from other countries (Australia, Brazil, Germany, Georgia, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Poland, Chile, Canada ( with 2 teams) and the United Kingdom (with 2 teams)], the Hellenic Army Academy also participated with a team consisting of 2 Officers, 1 Physical Education teacher and 11 Cadets.

Sandhurst 2022: The Greeks are the most lethal squad

In the competition, which included a demanding program of 17 items, the Hellenic Army Academy took the 6th place in the overall standings, 1st among foreign countries, while it was awarded the prize of the “most lethal squad” after winning among all competing teams in rifle, pistol, and grenade launchers “

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