Serbia wants to buy RAFALE instead of Russian fighter jets


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has announced that his country intends to buy Rafale fighter jets from France.

This move may also indicate a move away from the Russian defense industry.

“We have been negotiating the purchase of 12 new aircraft for a year now and are also considering the purchase of another 12 used (western) fighters from another country,” Vucic said to Reuters.

Serbia wants to buy RAFALE instead of Russian fighter jets

“The fact that the fighter jets are made in France could indicate that Serbia… has moved away from Russian military technology,” said Milan Karagaca, director of the Belgrade-based Foreign Policy Center.

“Politically, it is also a signal of Serbia’s approach to the EU.” concluded his statements.

The supposed deal was first revealed about a month ago by La Tribune and shows that the beginning was made by Greece in the Balkans by acquiring those French-made fighter jets pushing more and more countries to choose the RAFALE fighter jets for their air forces.

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