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Skaramagas Shipyards are now again in Greek hands


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The shipowner Giorgos Prokopiou suddenly entered the competition of the Skaramagas Shipyards in Greece both for the military sector and the commercial winning both competitions by depositing a much larger amount than the competitors.

According to sources in his professional circle, Mr Prokopiou made this move for the good of his country, so that now the Skaramagas Shipyards are in Greek hands.

This move is extremely important as it could mean a general restart of the Greek shipbuilding industry as well.

Giorgos Prokopiou is a Greek shipowner, founder of Dynacom Tankers, Sea Traders, and Dynagas with a total capacity of about 120 dry cargo and liquefied natural gas transport ships, and a fortune of more than 2 billion $.

In fact, in 2012, Dynagas’ LNG carrier OB RIVER became the world’s first LNG Carrier to transit and carry cargo through the Northern Sea Route changing the commercial routes of the planet.

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