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Khan Sheikhoun Has Been Captured by the Syrian Army!


As of Thursday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army High Command announced their victory in the short battle for Khan Sheikhoun.

Khan Sheikhoun was fully secured on Wednesday after the Syrian Arab Army entered the city from all axes; this was followed by a comprehensive combing operation to remove all explosives and militants from the city.

Even though the Syrian Army did not officially declare possession of Khan Sheikhoun until Thursday, all of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaysh Al-militants Izza’s had already evacuated the southern half of the city by that day.

In large part, the Syrian Army’s swift conquest of Talat Al-Nimr, a key strategic hilltop, explains why Khan Sheikhoun fell to them.

Talat Al-Nimr is a big hill that provides a sweeping view of Khan Sheikhoun’s northern section as well as the Hama-Idlib Road (var. M-5 Highway).

Militants abandoned their strongholds in Khan Sheikhoun following the loss of their most vital supply line, and retreated to the Ta’manah area before the enclave was closed by the Syrian Army on Wednesday.

Several locations south of Khan Sheikhoun would be taken over by the Syrian Arab Army the following day.
They’ll likely rely on Turkish forces for protection and an evacuation from this area of northern Hama, which has no other options.