The EU is arming the Turks and says no to the Greek Coast Guard


The EU Commission is currently rejecting additional emergency economic assistance to the Greek Coast Guard, due in part to methodical violations of refugee rights, according to Spiegel.

“Greece has requested additional funding for border management, especially in the Aegean,” EU Home Affairs Commissioner Elva Johansson stated to the magazine.

“We have said that such a payment should be linked to the establishment of the mechanism for the control of fundamental rights.” A working group has now been set up on the issue, Johansson said, adding: “I expect progress on this issue.”

The speaker of Frontex’s review team in the EU Parliament, Tineke Strik, embraced the EU Commission’s decision. “This is a first step in the right direction.”

As GEOPOLITIKI.COM we would like not to say our opinion about this of the European Union but it is not possible as the events of Evros that Turkey tried to push immigrants to EU & Greece are still very recent.

We do not know if the European allies forgot it, but the armoured Turkish vehicles HIZIR that was pulling with a rope, according to several sources, the Greek fence in Evros to destroy it and let thousands of illegal immigrants cross the Greek territory, was 75% funded (! ) from the European Union, without even mentioning the billions for keeping immigrants in Turkey that were apparently given without any control and are now called Bayraktar TB2 & Akinci.

We do not know if they forgot also and they blame Greece for illegal pushbacks, that Turkey has been PAID from the EU, billions of Euros that were also from the pockets of the Greek taxpayers to keep the immigrants in its territory but instead supply them with boats to cross into Greek territory!

If this is the Europe they want, of the so-called two speeds and different interests, then Greece should block any attempt to stop the “illegal” immigration from Belarus that the partners consider being incited by Russia against them!

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