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The heroic resistance of the Armenian Commander Sargsyan Gurgen – Developments in the region


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NATO military training experts pay a visit to Azerbaijan & Sargsyan Gurgen.

The NATO team met with Azeri officials as part of the Defense Training Enhancement Program to promote the development of Azerbaijan’s military training system.

At the same time, Azerbaijan does not seem to be giving up on provocations against Armenia, after information was spread from Baku that Armenian forces opened fire on the border near the Tavush region. The Armenian Ministry of Defense denied the news.

Also, the story of a heroic act by a member of the Armenian army who sacrificed himself taking with him the troops of the enemy has come to light.

This is the Armenian position commander Sargsyan Gurgen who fought in the battles that took place on November 16 in Armenia after attacks by the Azeri army.

Gurgen defended his homeland until the end and at the time of the battle when his ammunition ran out he did not surrender to the Azeris and blew himself up taking Azeri troops with him.

We remind you that, battles began between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with Azeri soldiers advancing into some parts of Armenia after Azerbaijan attacked Armenia positions on November 16 with its military forces.

A ceasefire was reached between Armenia and Azerbaijan after the mediation of Russia and the hostilities on the eastern border of Armenia have stopped and the situation is relatively stable till today.


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