The meeting of foreign ministers of Libya’s neighboring countries kicks off in Algeria



Today, Monday, the activities of the second largest meeting of the neighbouring countries of Libya began with African and international participation, and it is hosted by Algeria. In addition to Algeria and Libya, the foreign ministers of Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Tunisia and Mali will participate in the meeting.

Also participating in the ministerial meeting for the first time are the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jean-Claude Jakosso, and the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for Libya, Jan Kubis.

Algerian sources revealed to Al-Ain Al-Akhbar about part of the agenda of foreign ministers, which includes 6 basic points, foremost of which is organizing the general elections on their due date at the end of this year, finding ways to overcome obstacles and differences between the Libyan parties, as well as setting up a new mechanism for the post-election phase. By helping Libya rebuild its new institutions.

In addition to emphasizing the obligation of the Libyan parties to the outcomes of the Berlin Conference, on top of which is the expulsion of mercenaries and foreign forces, the embargo on the supply of arms, the rejection of foreign interference in Libyan affairs and its territory, and the obligation of the Libyan parties to stop the language of arms and urging them to dialogue as a favourable opportunity to end the conflict that has been going on for nearly a decade

The meeting is expected to emphasize – according to Algerian sources – the importance of the role of the neighbouring countries and the African Union in establishing peace in Libya and intensifying coordination with the active countries to reach understandings that will keep Libya away from the predicament of not holding the elections on time.

Today’s meeting, Monday, is the second-largest meeting of foreign ministers of the neighbouring countries of Libya after it was hosted on January 22, in which 7 foreign ministers from the region surrounding Libya, as well as Germany, participated.

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