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The SVR officially denies that Russia intends to invade Ukraine


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Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, has assured that there will be no Russian invasion of Ukraine, claiming that everything that is happening in the context of this matter is a malicious propaganda campaign by the United States Department of State.

“Overall, everything that is currently happening on this issue is, without a doubt, a form of malicious propaganda by the United States Department of State.

The State Department is flooding its allies, top media executives, and heads of political studies centers in the United States with these lies, encouraging them to spread more and more of these lies and have created a rather big bubble around it. which is impressive.” Naryshkin stated.

“Yes, I have to calm everyone down, nothing like that is going to happen,” Sergey Naryshkin told Russian television on Saturday, referring to the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine that Moscow is currently planning.

“The goal of the strategy (of the United States) is to pressure the inadequate regime in Kyiv to re-escalate the conflict currently taking place in eastern Ukraine.

The United States sees Ukraine as expendable in every respect, throughout history, but wants to escalate the conflict and intends to escalate it once again. We should, of course, keep our composure and strengthen our country’s defense capabilities,” said SVR director Sergey Naryshkin.

On the question of whether the United States was forcing Kyiv to launch an attack on Donbas as a result of the circulation of such allegations by Russian media, Nariskin responded that this was “obviously happening.”


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