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The U.S. Army successfully completed test of Iron Dome systems


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On Wednesday, the United States Army stated that a three-week test of Iron Dome-type air defense systems bought from Israel had been completed successfully at Andersen Air Base in Guam, adding that the test had been a success.

A two-year-old deal between the United States and Israel for the purchase of two Iron Dome missile defense systems produced by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems was signed in Washington.

Delivery of the air defense systems began in August, with the system’s first test being conducted in September.

According to the respected publication “Stars and Stripes” in recent weeks, the Iron Dome was built for testing in Guam, where no real fire was utilized because the tests were concentrated on the radar and combat system of the weapon system.

“The primary goal was to evaluate the development of the system, as well as its ability to operate against low-risk but also high-risk targets,” said the United States Air Defense Commander for Guam, who spoke to Stars and Stripes. “The system was tested against low-risk but also high-risk targets,” the commander said.

The simulation and the defense of the THAAD systems, which are also located on the US base in Guam, were centered on cruise missile assaults and their prevention.

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