“THE U.S. BACKSTABBED US” France’s reaction to the cancellation of the “contract of the century”


The “Contract of the Century” has been violated, said the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, irritated by the cancellation of the order for the construction of 12 nuclear submarines in a deal of approximately 90 billion dollars for the Australian Navy.

The cancellation of this order is not accidental as the United States and the UK have entered the process and are expected to jointly announce a new tripartite security partnership, focusing on aligning technology and regional challenges by taking the submarine construction program through the hands of France.

“It’s really a stab in the back. We had built a relationship of trust with Australia, this trust is now being betrayed […] Australia should give immediate explanations. The American behavior worries me more. This unilateral and brutal decision against us is very similar to the one made by Mr. Trump in the past,” said French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in a televised interview.

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