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New Anti-ballistic missile successfully tested in Russia

On Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the successful test of a new anti-ballistic missile.

The Russian General Sergei Grabchuk, said that “the missile that was launched at the firing range “Sary Chagan” in Kazakhstan, hit a specific target with a prescribed accuracy. The missile flew towards the hypothetical target at a speed of more than 3 kilometers per second.”

Grabchuk indicated that the current and previous tests confirmed the missile’s conformity with the specified specifications.

The Russian general pointed out that the new missile could enter military service after conducting 10 successful tests.

In the same context, expert Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Social Council of the Russian Ministry of Defense, told “Sputnik”, commenting on one of the previous tests that took place in April 2021, that the new missile will enhance the capabilities of the anti-ballistic defense system that protects the capital, Moscow and the industrial zone. According to the expert, the new missile “53T6M” will replace the missiles that currently guarantee the performance of the A-135 defense system.


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