The Yemeni army is advancing on the battlefronts in Marib and Al-Jawf


The Yemeni army confirmed, on Thursday, that it is continuing to advance on various fronts of fighting against the Houthi militia in Marib and Al-Jawf.

The army spokesman, Brigadier General Abdo Majali, said in a press briefing on the progress of the battles during the past days, that the army made advances and liberated tens of kilometers in the southwestern front in Marib, during which it was able to control the governing and strategic bodies, with the support and backing of the Arab coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen.

He added that the forces of the Yemeni army and the Popular Resistance, with the support of the coalition aircraft to support legitimacy, launched surprise offensive operations in the Rahba front of the Al-Musherif area, southwest of Marib Governorate, during which they were able to complete the liberation of Jabal Al-Bayyadh and Al-Taba Al-Safra, as well as cutting off supply routes to the Houthi militias and extracting mines that were planted in those spaces.
He explained that the battles left a number of dead, wounded and prisoners in the ranks of the Houthi militia, in addition to heavy losses in equipment, weapons, vehicles and combat crews with artillery strikes and fighter air raids, while combat crews, medium and light weapons and quantities of various ammunitions were recovered.
On the fronts west and northwest of Marib, Brigadier Majali confirmed that the army and resistance forces, with the support of the coalition’s aviation, have achieved victories against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, on the fronts of Mas, Al-Mushajah, Al-Kasara and Sarwah.

He pointed out that the army forces launched qualitative and counterattacks on sites where the militia was stationed, in the “Al-Yaref” area, the Mas front, and that the army succeeded in liberating and restoring a number of important sites and inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.
He said that the fiercest battles were on the Al-Kasara, Al-Mushajah and Sirwah fronts, and that the army crushed several groups of the Houthi militia after it pushed them in a losing attempt to achieve progress on the ground.

In Al-Jawf, Brigadier General Majali said that the army units launched a surprise attack on the Qaif front, northeast of Al-Jawf Governorate, during which they managed to liberate several locations, the most important of which is the strategic Qbyan mountain range.
He stressed that the offensive operation resulted in the killing and wounding of dozens of Houthi militia members, in addition to significant losses in equipment, weapons, vehicles and combat crews, while the army forces recovered combat crews, medium and light weapons, and quantities of various ammunitions.

He added that the forces of the Yemeni army and the resistance launched counter-attacks and tight ambushes on the fronts of Al-Jadafir, Huishian and Al-Khanjar, which resulted in the destruction of a number of combat crews, which were loaded with reinforcements belonging to the Houthi militia, while the aircraft of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy targeted various weapons and combat equipment belonging to the militias.

In the Taiz axis, Brigadier General Majali explained that the army forces repelled Houthi infiltrations and attacks on the eastern, western and northwestern fronts of the city of Taiz, and were able to inflict heavy losses in lives and equipment to the Houthi militias.
In Al-Bayda, Brigadier General Majali said that the forces of the army and the popular resistance, with the support of the coalition aircraft, thwarted the attacks and infiltrations of the Houthi militia, on the fronts of Numan and Nata’, and inflicted heavy losses on them in lives and military equipment.

In Hodeidah, the army spokesman reviewed the conduct of military operations, explaining that the joint forces had repelled the infiltration and attacks of the Houthi militia on the fronts of Hays, Al-Jah and the airport, and that the joint forces had inflicted heavy losses on the militias.

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