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“They will be eliminated” – Russia’s ultimatum to surrender Mariupol


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The Ukrainian troops in Mariupol received an ultimatum to surrender, but according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the ultimatum was completely ignored.

According to the ministry’s statement, the surrounded Ukrainian soldiers at the Azovstal plant were offered to voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender to save their lives.

However, the ministry said that “the nationalist regime in Kyiv”, according to the radio surveillance, forbade the negotiations for surrender.

The announcement added that there were up to 400 foreign mercenaries who joined the Ukrainian forces trapped in the factory, including Europeans and Canadians.

“In the event of further resistance, everyone will be eliminated,” the Russians said.

Earlier on Sunday, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol officially announced the rejection of the ultimatum.

Mariupol has been under siege for more than a month. There are heavy casualties and most of the city has been destroyed by the bombings.

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