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Turkey vs Mossad: Spy network uncovered


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The Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) has uncovered a 15-member Mossad spy network operating in Turkey in recent weeks in a top-secret operation, according to Turkish media reports.

Details of the indictment were revealed after the completion of the investigation conducted for 16 people who allegedly possessed sensitive information and documents and were part of this spy network.

The indictment alleges that these individuals were linked to the Israeli intelligence service and were monitoring nationals of other states inside Turkey. An investigation revealed from the Turkish secret services claims that the arrested persons had been involved in “political espionage”

Among the spies were Syrian nationals, whom Mossad allegedly registered for a fee. The investigation also revealed that one of the spies is a Palestinian, who was arrested in 2011 by the Mossad and has since become an Israeli intelligence informant.

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