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Turkish military helicopter and special forces soldiers missing in Iraq

turkish soldiers

Nine Turkish special forces soldiers who landed by helicopter as part of the Turkish army’s operation in the Zap region of Iraqi Kurdistan have been missing since yesterday according to both Turkish and Kurdish sources.

Kurdish officials say Turkey has asked them to help find both the soldiers and the helicopter.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) operation in the Zap region against the PKK continues until this time. Violent clashes between Turkish army soldiers and the HPG (PKK offshoot) have been going on until this hour as according to the Kurds Turkish airstrikes have failed to disrupt PKK Kurdish forces.

The unit of nine Turkish special forces soldiers who landed by helicopter in Zap’s Qela Bêdewê district has been missing so far but there is no official announcement.

The PKK is reportedly in this area and despite persistent efforts by the Turks to occupy this site to launch investigations, this has not yet been possible.

For now, fighting is still underway with possible casualties based on unconfirmed information being about 10 Turks and 35 Kurds.

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