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FDI HN: Greece signed the contract for the new frigates

Υπέγραψαν τις συμβάσεις για τις νέες φρεγάτες του ΠΝ FDI HN

Greece and France signed two contracts for the supply of FDI HN frigates for the Hellenic Navy today, according to Naval Group.

Belharra | FDI HN FDI HN: Greece signed the contract for the new frigates

“In accordance with the Greek and French defence agreement signed last October, the Hellenic authorities have signed two contracts for the supply of 3 Defence and Intervention Frigates (FDI HN), plus one as an option, as well as their in-service support” Naval Group announced recently.

“The FDI HN will quickly and sustainably enhance the capabilities of the Hellenic Navy surface fleet as they will be delivered in a very short timeframe, starting in 2025 for the first two units and in 2026 for the third one

The FDI HN features high-level capabilities in all warfare domains: anti-ship, anti-air, antisubmarine & special forces projection. Her modern sensors include the Thales group Sea Fire, the first all-digital multifunction radar with an active antenna and fixed panels.

This program presents many opportunities for Greece, creating jobs and skills, thanks to our Hellenic Industry Participation Plan” the announcement of the French company Naval Group state among others.

The FDI HN (Belharra) frigate has increased anti-aircraft and anti-submarine capabilities that will bring great firepower to the Navy.

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