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“US arms the Kurds – Assad & Russia warns Turkey”

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PHOTO By Kurdishstruggle (Flickr)

Fearing escalation in Syria from Turkey, the region began to burn despite the relative calm that has existed for about a year.

The United States has sent at least 50 trucks full of weapons to the YPG, according to Turkish media and some Syrian sources, while the Russian Air Force has stepped up its exercises over the Syrian airspace to support Assad’s claims that he will retaliate. by any means available to the Turks.

About 50 trucks of the US-led international coalition entered the town of Kamisli, where Kurdish organizations are concentrated, through the border town of Al Verid between the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq and Syria.

In that city, they stopped for several hours and then moved to areas controlled by the Kurdish YPG where their final destination was, with photos showing closed containers likely carrying heavy weapons and ammunition.

But what is Russia doing also in the region?

In the last 24 hours, Russia has also sent this truck convoy to Kamisli, specifically to Kamisli airport, with many talking about an attempt to establish a large Russian airbase in the area in order to significantly strengthen the positions of the Russian Armed Forces operating in Syria.

A new Russian base at the site will keep under radar scan almost half of eastern Turkey if the Russians install a system such as the S-300 or S-400.

Assad and Russia threaten Turkey

Omar Rahmoun, a member of the Syrian National Reconciliation Center, which is close to President Bashar al-Assad, has issued a new threat as the Syrian army launches a two-stage military operation in Idlib if Turkey launches an offensive in northern Syria.

In particular, he said: “Once the Turkish military campaign in northeastern Syria begins, in the first phase the Syrian army will liberate four provinces of Idlib and the M4 highway.”

Implying that in the second stage Russia and Assad will attack the city of Idlib en masse as they tried to do during the operation in Saraqib.

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