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US help reached Ukraine: 80 Tons of weapons arrived


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US help has arrived in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Rezhnikov’s post, sending tons of weapons for the second time in a short period of time.

US help reached Ukraine: 80 Tons of weapons arrived
U.S. Air Force photo by Nicholas Pilch

Approximately 80 tons of weapons were shipped, according to the Ukrainian minister, and more shipments of US material are planned in the following days.

The first shipment of firearms and ammunition from the United States landed on Saturday.

In the last several days, other NATO countries have delivered military supplies and weapons to the Baltic States, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

During the time you are reading this article, NATO forces are sending Kyiv military personnel to train the Ukrainian army as well as missiles, ammo, and other military equipment.


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