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USS Zumwalt fired first-ever missile – US Navy


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The US Navy’s stealthy destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, has fired a missile for the first time, the service announced on Monday.

According to the US Navy, the Zumwalt fired a Standard Missile 2 anti-air missile off the coast of Point Mugu, California, on October 13. The Zumwalt is the world’s largest destroyer, but until earlier this year had no working armament.

“Today’s successful test not only demonstrates the ship’s capability to fire missiles and conduct self-defense, but it is also a significant step toward more advanced combat system testing and operations for our Navy’s most technically innovative warship,” Captain Matt Schroeder, program manager of the Zumwalt program, said in a Monday news release.

“The USS Zumwalt crew and Surface Development Squadron One are working hand-in-hand with the acquisition community to advance this ship’s operational capability.”

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