Victory Day: Putin sent a message to the West

Putin’s speech on “Victory Day” did not include a declaration of total war against Ukraine as predicted by Western analysts and officials.

Ημέρα της Νίκης - Πούτιν: «Χτυπήσαμε προληπτικά τους νεοναζί Ουκρανούς»
Photo by World Economic Forum

In a speech in Red Square on the defeat of Nazi Germany, Putin said:

“We will never give up our love for the country, the faith, the traditional values, the ancestral customs, and the respect for all peoples and cultures. “As for the West, it seems determined to abolish these millennial values.”

“This moral degradation paved the way for cynical falsifications of the history of World War II, attempts to incite Russophobia, glorify traitors, ridicule the memory of their victims, and eliminate the bravery of those who fought and suffered for Victory,” he said. statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin pointed out that the USA, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, “began to speak of their excellence, which is humiliating to the whole world.”

The only reference to Ukraine came at a time when he was referring to Russian forces fighting Ukraine, saying:

Victory Day - Putin: "We hit the neo-Nazi Ukrainians precautionarily"
Photo by Vitaly V. Kuzmin

“They are fighting for the homeland, for its future, so that no one forgets the lessons of World War II.”

Regarding the situation regarding NATO’s presence in Europe, Putin said: “Everything indicated that a conflict with neo-Nazi Ukrainian nationalists, on whom the United States and its younger allies were based, would be inevitable.”

“The risk was growing every day. Russia repulsed this aggression in a precautionary manner. That was the only right decision and it was a timely decision. “The decision of an independent, sovereign, and powerful nation,” the Russian president said in his statements.

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