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Argentina Officially Rejects the BRICS: ‘We will not ally with communists’ – Tremors from Javier Milei’s Decision


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In a move that signifies a significant shift in Argentina’s foreign policy, Argentinian President Javier Milei officially withdrew the country from its scheduled inclusion in the BRICS. This decision, announced on Friday, has caused tremors in the BRICS and sparked intense discussion in the media of the participating countries.

Following his election campaign, President Milei sent official letters to the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, informing them of Argentina’s withdrawal from the BRICS.

“Our geopolitical alignment stands with the United States and Israel. We will not ally with communists,” Milei declared during his election campaign.

The BRICS political organization, a group based on emerging economies, had announced its expansion in August, including the addition of six new members, including Argentina. Representing about 40% of the world’s population and over a quarter of global GDP, the BRICS states are often considered contrary to the policies of the Western World. Argentina’s planned inclusion was to start on January 1, 2024, but has now ceased according to Milei’s directive.

This abrupt policy change under President Milei’s leadership indicates a new chapter in Argentina’s foreign relations, moving closer to allies like the United States and Israel. As Argentina follows this redefined path, the global community is closely watching, anticipating the impact of this decision on both a regional and international scale.

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