Biden for a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine: We do not consider the use of force

US President Joe Biden made it clear on Wednesday that because Ukraine has not joined NATO, the United States will not send troops to defend it in the event of a Russian invasion.

russian army photo
Russian Fighter Jets (Shooting flairs) Photo by Alan Wilson

According to US President Biden, the possibility of the United States using force to fight a possible Russian invasion in Ukraine is not currently being considered as he stated:

“According to Article 5 of the NATO Charter, we owe a duty to defend our friends in NATO. It is a sacred duty to do so. “Ukraine is not part of NATO, however.”

Joe Biden said he had warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that if his country invaded Ukraine, it would have “economic consequences that have not been done before.”

In the event of a Russian invasion, Biden said, the United States should “increase its military presence in NATO countries on the east side of the alliance.”

ukraine army photo RUSSIAN INVASION
Ukraine Army Photo by 7th Army Training Command

In addition, Biden stressed to Vladimir Putin that the United States will provide Ukraine with military defense systems.

Despite the fact that Ukraine is not a member of NATO, it has been seeking membership for many years and has received assistance from NATO member states.

For Russia, this cooperation of Ukraine with NATO forces is something prohibitive and according to his statements, NATO does not respect the red lines of Moscow.

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