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Cavusoglu strongly annoyed about the Turkish F-16s and the US

Cavusoglu strongly annoyed about the Turkish F-16s and the US - GEOPOLITIKI

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, gave an interview to the Turkish television channel TRT, in which he spoke, among other things, about the F-16s that Turkey wants to buy from the US and once again questioned the sovereignty of the Aegean islands.

We want to buy from our allies. Of course, we made an effort to buy F-16s from the US. But it is not possible to say yes to a method that will tie our hands. What are they saying? Greek airspace. What do you mean Greek airspace?” said Cavusoglu and added that there are islands and islets that Greece unfairly calls its own.

In addition, he accused the United States of deviating from the balanced policy they followed until recently regarding Cyprus and between Greece and Turkey and indicated that the members of Congress of Greek descent and the pressure exerted by the Greek Prime Minister’s speech have contributed to this.

Also, once again he mentioned that many Greek islands are being armed against Turkey in violation of the Lausanne and Paris treaties.

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