Cyprus may sell its Mi-35s to Serbia


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that Serbia “will not interfere in the internal affairs of other states” and also informed about the next Serbian military armaments involving a possible sale of Mi-35s from Cyprus.

Vucic told a news conference at Nis military airport that “Serbia’s policy is to respect the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the integrity of the Republika Srpska.”

“This means full respect for the Dayton Accords. “Serbia is also one of the guarantors of the Dayton Accords, it is our policy that has not changed in the last 26 years,” he said.

Regarding Serbia’s defense, Vucic announced that in the next two years, Serbia plans to purchase 30 new and used military helicopters. He also announced that the Serbian army would buy equipment and weapons worth 1.25 billion euros from the domestic industry over the next five years.

“We expect exactly 30 helicopters, of which 11 will be H145, four Mi-35, three Mi-17, plus 11 used Mi-35, which we will buy from a member of the European Union,” said Vucic, referring most likely to Cyprus.

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