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Greece, Egypt and Cyprus sign boost of military co-operation

Greece, Egypt and Cyprus sign boost of military co-operation - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

As announced by the Greek General Staff on Tuesday 06 April 2021, a meeting was held between delegations of the Greek General Staff of National Defence, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Egypt, and the General Staff of the National Guard of Cyprus, under which the Tripartite Military Cooperation Programme for the year 2021 was signed.

The signing of this Programme further enhances military cooperation and interoperability between the Armed Forces of the three countries by conducting joint exercises and training activities.

ΓΕΕΘΑ Αιγύπτου Κύπρου, Ελλάδα, Αίγυπτος και Κύπρος υπογράφουν ενίσχυση της στρατιωτικής συνεργασίας, NEMESIS HD

After the signing of the Programme, Chief General Konstantinos Floros received the heads of the military delegations of Egypt and Cyprus. During the meeting, which took place in a particularly warm climate, issues of common interest were discussed and particular reference was made to the close relations that the three countries have developed in recent times through a wide network of exercises and cooperations, which contribute to the consolidation of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.


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