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Russia & Assad tear down Erdogan’s Islamist infrastructure

Russia & Assad tear down Erdogan's Islamist infrastructure - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Russia and the Syrian Arab Army are systematically targeting the Syrian Opposition’s Energy Infrastructure backed by Turkey.

The attacks against the Islamists of idlib and also against the TFSA located along Syria’s border with Turkey which is supported by Turkey include mainly ballistic missile attacks against oil refineries as well as air strikes against the electrical infrastructure of the idlib region.

Russia is trying to prevent the viability of an alternative political and economic autonomy through oil exports to the regions where Ankara’s “friends” are based.

To make it more clearly, if the local economy of idlib, which relies mainly on oil production in these regions, is hit hard on its production, Turkey could soon face a new huge influx of masses of Syrian migrants seeking to escape looking for a way to either Turkey or Europe.

Such an outcome will have a wide range of implications for Erdogan, who will soon have a new headache to deal with & most likely find ways again to export that headache to Greece as well.


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