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“Greece is up to something” – Hulusi Akar’s anxiety about Greek equipment


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During his interview with Anadolu, Hulusi Akar, the Turkish Minister of Defense who has stated from time to time that all the defense efforts of Greece are useless and that a few used planes will not change the balance in the Aegean, seems to have changed his mind.

Akar appeared deeply concerned, literally saying that “Greece is plotting something against Ankara” as he increased its defense budget fivefold, noting, of course, in order not to cause an internal commotion, that the Greek armament programs are not enough against the Turkish army.

"Greece is up to something" - Hulusi Akar's anxiety about Greek equipment

The reality is that the Turkish Defense Minister did not count on the rapid rearmament of the Greek Armed Forces and expected that challenging the sovereignty of the Greek islands would become very easy for Turkey.

Greece is continuing to buy equipment, and as time goes on and deterrence increases, Hulusi Akar may carry on with such statements.

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