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Greek Prime Minister demolished Turkish propaganda


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Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, participated in a discussion with journalists which the topic of the conversation was the current state of relations with Turkey.

Asked about the recent tension in Greek-Turkish relations, the Greek Prime Minister answered:

Greek Prime Minister demolished Turkish propaganda
Greek biggest national flag waving in the sky PHOTO: ENVATO

“This is indeed an unpleasant development, because I too had the impression, after my meeting with President Erdogan in March, that we had found a framework for reconciliation which was based, in principle, on the working hypothesis that no action would be taken which will directly cause the other side.

Unfortunately, Turkey did not keep this commitment. And a month later, while we had some weeks of calm, we had an unprecedented barrage of overflights over Greek islands and a constant shaking by Turkey of the inconceivable argument about the supposedly reduced Greek sovereignty over the Aegean islands because they are supposedly (for Turkey) demilitarized.

Greek Prime Minister demolished Turkish propaganda
Greek Prime Minister PHOTO: European Central Bank CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This rhetoric can lead us nowhere. And obviously it is our country’s obligation to raise this Turkish provocation worldwide and to seek, as any country would do, the support of our allies like USA, or European Union. And I think that this support was public and without asterisks and I think that is important for the national interest.

From there and beyond we have seen periods in the past where there is great tension in rhetoric, which may have to do with the internal political situation in Turkey.

I hope and openly encourage Turkey that this rhetoric will not be translated into more tension in the field.

In any case, “Greece has proved, historically, that it is ready to defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights,” the Greek Prime Minister concluded.

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