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BREAKING: Hamas and Israel on the verge of conflict again

BREAKING: Hamas and Israel on the verge of conflict again - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

According to Lebanese media, Hamas threatened to resume the rocket attacks against Israel if the country doesn’t release aid money Qatar sent that was destined for the Gaza Strip giving a one-week deadline.

Israel’s provocations towards Gaza and the poor citizens who are supposed to receive Qatari money tend to escalate tensions and conflict,” an unnamed Hamas source told a Lebanese newspaper, adding that “if this does not happen, Gaza will take an important decision regarding the mutual ceasefire.”

In the previous days, Qatari Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Lolwah Al-Khater said Qatar would be providing the amount of 500 million dollars to help rebuild more than 45,000 damaged and destroyed houses in the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of 11 days of bombardment by the Israeli air force and artillery.

The bombardment began on May 10th after Hamas started launching rockets into Israel, firing more than 4,300 during the course of the war, claiming the attacks were an act of defence of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem in danger of eviction by Israeli settlers.


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