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INDIA: Defence Ministry Urgent Recruitment of 400 Medical Officers

INDIA: Defence Ministry Urgent Recruitment 400 Medical Officers - GEOPOLITIKI.COM


The Defence Ministry of India Sunday announced that it has issued an order to the Armed Forces Medical Service (AFMS) to recruit 400 retired medical officers of the Military Medical Corps (AMC) and Short Service Commission (SSC).

India has been badly affected by the second wave of coronavirus infection and hospitals in many states are short of health workers, vaccines, oxygen, medicines, and beds.

“Under the Tour of Duty scheme, 400 medical officers are expected to be recruited on a contract basis for a maximum of 11 months, whose services ended between 2017 and 2021,”

the Indian Defence Ministry statement said.

It announced that a fixed lump sum monthly amount will be paid to these medical officers, which will be calculated by deducting the basic pension from the salary taken at the time of retirement.

He said if there is any additional payment for the experts, it will be made from the top of this lump sum amount. It mentions that the amount will remain unchanged during the contract period and no other allowance will be paid.

The medical officers to be recruited are required to be medically fit as per civil norms.


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