Medvedev repeats nuclear threats to NATO over No-Fly Zone in Ukraine

New nuclear threats were launched by Medvedev on the subject of No-Fly Zone in Ukraine by NATO forces saying that this is a stupid idea that threatens to bring the West and Russia into direct confrontation.

Medvedev repeat nuclear threats to NATO over No-Fly Zone in Ukraine

“Russia is a nuclear power, the holder of the most powerful stockpile of nuclear weapons and strategic weapons in the world. Of course, no one specifically threatens anyone with this.

More recently, the strategic potential of our country has been transferred to a state of heightened readiness, so that everyone understands the threats that other states will face if they try to influence the course of our country by military means.

Hotheads in Poland and some other countries – who are satellites United States of America, I hope they calm down.

In addition, silly ideas such as the No-Fly Zone over Ukraine are still being discussed. “More cool-headed analysts from the Pentagon (US) say that it is impossible for such a thing to happen because it will lead to a direct conflict with our country,” Medvedev told reporters.

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