Medvedev threatened Europe and France with “real war”


Former Russian Prime Minister and current Vice President of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has sent an immediate threat of war to France and, in fact, Europe.

“Today, a French minister said that they had declared an economic war on Russia. Watch your tongue, gentlemen! And do not forget that in human history, economic wars have often turned into real wars. ” Medvedev stated

Αυστηρή προειδοποίηση Μεντβέντεφ για την τιμή του φυσικού αερίου με αφορμή τον Nord Stream 2
Medvedev threatened Europe and France with "real war"

This answer of the Russian former President and Prime Minister comes in response to the statements of the French Ministry of Finance who said:

“We will cause the complete collapse of the Russian economy through the economic sanctions imposed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine”

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