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Ukraine: Greek minority village of Sartana leveled to the ground


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Two more ethnic Greeks were killed in Russian attacks against the village of Sartana (Сартана, Σαρτανά) outside Mariupol and Bougas, Ukraine.

Ukraine: Greek minority village of Sartana leveled to the ground resulting in casualties
PHOTO By Rob Schleiffert

Local sources say the village of Sartana, where the majority of its population are ethnic Greeks, has been almost leveled to the ground by the bombings. The new attack also left at least 4 injured among the ethnic Greek minority.

The death toll from the start of the war on Thursday, February 24, now stands at 12 Greeks as 10 more lost their lives on Saturday as a result of Russian airstrikes in the villages of Sartana and Bougas according to Greek MFA.

Two Greeks In Ukraine were killed and two wounded after being shot by the Ukrainian army
PHOTO: GREEK MFA (Υπουργείο Εξωτερικών)

It is recalled that the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested to the Russian ambassador to Greece. The Russian embassy denied in a statement that Saturday’s bombing in the village of Sartana was carried out by the Russian air force and called Greek politicians and journalists as “parrots”.

The Greek Foreign Minister replied that there is evidence that shows with certainty that the bombings were carried out by the Russian side.

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