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NOW: Rocket Barrage from Gaza against Israel | IDF Strike back

NOW: Rocket Barrage from Gaza against Israel | IDF Strike back - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Videos published on Twitter show a rocket barrage that was launched from Gaza towards Jerusalem just to get immediately intercepted by Iron Dome Air Defence systems.

News editor of newspaper Times Of Israel published a video showing the interception of Palestine missiles that tried to penetrate Israeli Airspace.

The IDF responded to the rocket barrage by targeting their launch positions but several misfires caused civilian deaths including children. A total of seven missiles were fired from Gaza towards Jerusalem.

Nine people were killed including three children, in Gaza after the Israeli airstrikes, Gaza hospitals reported as tensions have sparked between Israelis & Palestinians over evictions in Jerusalem.

β€œWe have the capability, the authority, and the intention to deal a heavy blow to Hamas, the escalation will last for a prolonged period of time” an IDF army spokesman announced in response to the missiles.


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