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REVOLT IN CUBA: “We don’t want another Dictatorship”


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Thousands of Cubans took part Sunday in the largest demonstrations in decades against the island’s Communist government. Cubans are literally angry about the collapse of the economy, food shortages, and the government’s handling of the pandemic.

A Cuban protester speaking to the BBC said “We are not afraid. We want a change, we don’t want another dictatorship.”

Images on social media showed security forces holding and savagely beating some of the protesters before arresting them.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel blamed the U.S. for the unrest, criticizing their tough sanctions against Cuba, saying the protesters were mercenaries hired by the U.S. to destabilize the country and called on his supporters to go out and defend the Communist revolution.

“The command to fight has been given – on the street, rebels!” he said in a televised address.

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