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A Turkish military base in Iraq was targeted with rockets


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Zilkan, a Turkish military base in Iraq’s Nineveh province was targeted by Kurdish forces with at least three rockets. Turkey has illegally invaded Iraqi Kurdistan, where it is conducting military operations against the PKK.

A Turkish military base in Iraq was targeted with rockets
A YPG Fighter with an RPG Photo: Kurdishstruggle

It was reported by the Kurdistan General Directorate of Counter-Terrorism that Turkish servicemen in Iraq’s Nineveh region were targeted by a rocket attack late on Saturday night No one was injured as a result of the attack.

More specifically, three rockets fired from Iraqi territory hit the Zilkan Turkish military outpost, causing some material damage.

There are Turkish military soldiers stationed at the Zilkan complex, which is located around 10 kilometers from the Iraqi city of Bashiqa. An official comment from Ankara on the event has not yet been made public.

Recently, a number of rocket attacks have been conducted against the Turkish base. According to trustworthy local reports, two rockets were fired at the Zilkan base and Turkish forces on December 27, this time striking the base and soldiers.

The Turkish government has consistently refused to withdraw its military forces from Iraq, despite numerous demands from the Iraqi government.

Turkey has illegally crossed the border into Iraqi Kurdistan, where PKK forces (designated as terrorists by Turkey) are engaging in combat operations against Turkish soldiers.

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