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Russia will significantly increase its hypersonic missile arsenal


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According to Reuters, additional supplies of supersonic weapons were discussed at a meeting held Friday by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in Moscow.

“The issue of the development and supply of high-precision and high-speed weapons is under special supervision by the President of the Russian Federation. “We have to report the progress in this area to the head of state in April” Shoigu said.

Source: Russia will significantly increase its ultrasonic missile arsenal.

According to the Russian minister, “the additional supply of hypersonic and high-precision long-range weapons was organized, based on the calculations of the Russian General Staff of the Armed Forces, together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

“Today, we will discuss proposals for funding sources, as well as the state of production capacity to complete this project,” Soigu said.

The rest of the meeting took place behind closed doors.

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