Turkey’s fourth drilling ship threatens Mediterranean peace


According to an announcement by Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez, Turkey’s fourth drilling ship, Abdulhamid Khan, will proceed to the eastern Mediterranean for drilling work at the beginning of next month.

The Turkish Minister stated:

“We have been continuously drilling in the Blue Homeland, in our own maritime jurisdiction, for four years. Our greatest strength is the deepwater drilling vessels in our fleet”

First the “Fatih”, then the “Yavuz” and finally the “Kanuni” joined our fleet”, said Donmez, adding that “we are at the end of the preparations for our last ship to take up duties”.

“Our ship will go to the point of its first mission in the first fortnight of August. We consider 5-6 alternative points. We will be patient for another month. The mission will probably be the Mediterranean,” the Turkish minister pointed out.

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