The new US ambassador to Turkey spoke about the Turkish F-16s and F-35 refund

In an interview, the new US ambassador to Turkey, Jeff Flake, praised the bilateral ties between the United States and Turkey, stating that the United States regards Turkey’s F-16 modernization program as a positive development but refund for F-35s is still a very “complicated procedure”

The new US ambassador to Turkey spoke about the Turkish F-16s and F-35 refund
Photo by Steve Snodgrass

As of late January, Jeff Flake has formally taken over as the United States ambassador to Turkey, replacing David Satterfield. Flake stated that negotiations for the sale and upgrade of F-16 fighter fighters are progressing as planned.

“Indeed, a delegation arrived just this week, as well as a delegation in December, to assist with the preparation of what is known as an “LoR,” or a formal request for additional F-16s and upgrading of the F-16,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the US official stated that refund for Turkey’s F-35 purchase is “a very complicated procedure.” According to Flake, the United States views Turkey’s request for more F-16s as “extremely favourable,” as it demonstrates Turkey’s “commitment to NATO.”

“We are all aware that interoperability is critical to the success of any organization. As a result, this is a positive request,” said Jeff Flake

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