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Turkey accuses Greece of “expansionism” aimed at restoration of Byzantine Empire


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The Turkish Ministry of Defense responded to a statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Nikos Dendias, regarding the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

“It is an illusion to see Constantinople, which was conquered 569 years ago, dreaming of the Roman Empire or Byzantium. Those who long for something that existed 1000 years ago make it clear who is expansive and who is an obstacle to peace.

Hagia Sophia, which has been used as a mosque for centuries, has been under the protection of the Turkish nation since 1453,” wrote the Turkish Defense Ministry on Sunday night in a series of posts on his official account at twitter.

Turkey accuses Greece of "expansionism" aimed at restoration of Byzantine Empire
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“The fact that those who allegedly mourned for Hagia Sophia did not oppose the demolition of the mosques in Greece, each of which is a cultural heritage from 1500s, and the construction of cinemas, exhibition centers, accommodation and warehouses in their place, is too serious to explain even with hypocrisy.

The Greek government, which does not even give burial ground to Muslims when they die, is trying to deceive its own people with crude illusions and cover up their dead ends. The sun is not covered with mud.

“We honor the memory of Muhammad the Conqueror and his heroic army, who conquered Constantinople 569 years ago, with mercy and gratitude,” added the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, had written earlier on twitter:

“An sad day for our national memory. Today, the transformation of Hagia Sophia, a World Heritage Site, into a mosque, like the vandalism of its Imperial Gate, saddens any person who knows history.”

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