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Turkey to use Cargo Drones to support its forces


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Turkish Aerospace Industries developed cargo drones, which are expected to support units in combat zones in and outside Turkey, such as northern Iraq and northern Syria.

 Turkish military plans to use cargo drones to run logistical operations “Our Vertical Landing and Take-off Cargo UAV project will quickly and safely meet the logistical support our Turkish Armed Forces needs in mountainous terrain,” TAI said in a statement.

Turkey’s top procurement official, SSB President Ismail Demir, said that the UAVs are expected to come into serial production in 2021.

The Presidency of Defense Industries (or SSB for short), launched a program to procure cargo drones with vertical landing and takeoff capabilities. TAI won the contract in 2018.

“Thanks to the cargo UAV systems, the requirements such as weapons, ammunition, medical equipment & equipment required by the security forces on the battlefield will be delivered in a very short time and safely even in difficult weather conditions,” TAI announced.

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