Turkish Defense Minister unhappy about new weapons of Greece


Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar reappeared to speak about Greece after the Belharra acquirement by Greece during a meeting of Georgian-Turkish-Azerbaijani Defense Ministers.

Asked by a journalist about the alleged “attempt to violate the continental shelf with the research vessel Nautical Geo”, Akar said: “Unfortunately, our neighboring Greece insists on violations in eastern Crete and southwest of Cyprus” said Turkish Defense Minister Akar.

Akar, playing the role of the peacemaker, added: “We believe that problems can be resolved peacefully in accordance with international law, in the context of good neighborly relations and through dialogue.

As with our previous interlocutors, we sincerely hope that the dialogue channels with our current interlocutors will be open. We are in favor of dialogue in every way. However, I would like it to be known that we will not allow the rights of our country to be violated and we will not allow incidents”.

Furthermore, asked about the recent “armaments race” of Greece, Minister Akar said according to the Turkish General Staff: “We must see that it will not benefit them if our neighbor Greece makes various efforts (like buying new weapons) from certain countries with specific motives. “Turkey has always been a credible, strong, and effective ally, as it has never been a threat to anyone.” Turkish defense minister concluded.

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