US Army test fire M109A7 Paladins


The M109A7 will replace the M109A6 Self-Propelled Howitzer, formerly known as the Paladin Integrated Management program, as one of the US Army’s most critical combat vehicle modernization programs.

The U.S. Army hosted a live-fire demonstration of their next-generation artillery system being manufactured by BAE Systems, according to a recent news release.

U.S. Army Futures Command, the GREYWOLF brigade, and over 14 high-end civilian agencies came together for the event to analyze the new Paladins and to find new ways to increase the firing rate of the weapon system, according to a Nov. 19 press release.

At the announcement, Col. Tim Fuller, said

“out here that we have on contract and each has a different niche, each has a different core competency, and each is really at the top of our game in what they do. It is absolutely imperative that we have partnerships and relationships with all of our folks within the military as well as in industry outside of the military.”

Capt. Stewart Tice, Bravo Battery Commander stated that: “This battalion is fielding brand new A7 Paladins, along with new ammo supply vehicles, and in addition, we just replaced our entire Humvee fleet with the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle trucks.”

The GREYWOLF brigade has received the first M109A7 artillery systems in August.

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