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Ukrainian BTR-4 destroys Russian infantry group [VIDEO]


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The Ukrainian Armed Forces have released a video in which Russian soldiers accidentally find themselves in front of a Ukrainian BTR-4 infantry fighting vehicle.

Ukrainian BTR-4 destroys Russian infantry group [VIDEO]
BTR-4 PHOTO By VoidWanderer – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia

In a report on the war in Ukraine published on Sunday, as Newsflash originally presented the specific video sent by the Directorate of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the video shows a Ukrainian BTR-4E (IFV) patrolling as Russian soldiers accidentally fly in front of it.

Ukrainian BTR-4 destroys Russian infantry group [VIDEO]
фото Олексія Мосейченка (Ukrainian Ministry of Defence)

The BTR-4, as seen in the video, immediately opens fire and since then we have not heard more news about the number of Russian casualties from this incident.

Watch the video:

This version of the BTR-4 is armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon as the main weapon and a secondary 7.62 mm and can be armed with four more anti-tank missiles, making it a useful tool in the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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