Ukrainian Foreign Minister: “There will be a massacre if Russia attacks us”


“If the Russian president decides to invade Ukraine, there will be a large number of dead Russian soldiers,” the Ukrainian foreign minister told Sky News. Dmitro Koulempa.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said that they are working in cooperation with Ukraine’s allies such as the United States and Britain to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine

“The United States and other allies can attack Russia financially. We will fight on the battlefield. “I’m sorry to say that, but there will be a huge number of dead Russian soldiers in the war, we hope President Putin does not want that.” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

 Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Koulempa  | PHOTO:
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Koulempa | PHOTO:

We remind you that yesterday o US President Joe Biden said “According to Article 5 of the NATO Charter, we owe a duty of care to our friends in NATO. It is a sacred duty to do so. “Ukraine is not part of NATO, however,” he said, adding that the United States would not defend Ukraine militarily under any circumstances.

We have informed you that the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has assured that there will be no Russian invasion of Ukraine, stating that everything that happens in the context of this issue is a malicious propaganda campaign by the US State Department.

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