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«FALCON – SOFEX 2021» | Cooperation of Special Forces of Greece, Serbia, and Cyprus


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The cooperation of the Special Forces of Greece, Cyprus and Serbia is continuously strengthened as the Cypriot General Staff of the National Guard announced that the joint exercise of special forces «FALCON – SOFEX 2021» has been completed:

From November 29 to December 8, 2021, a Special Operations Team of the Expeditionary Command, participated in the exercise under the name “FALCON – SOFEX 2021”, organized in Rentina, Greece by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, in the context of Greece – Cyprus – Serbia Tripartite Cooperation Program.

FALCON – SOFEX 2021 Photo source: army.gov.cy

The purpose of the exercise FALCON – SOFEX 2021 was to increase combat capability and interoperability and execution of Special Operations missions in combat conditions.

Specifically, the scenario of the exercise included rapid reaction shots, moving shots, night shots, urban warfare, handling of the dead and wounded in a residential area, mountain fight, and ambush operations.

The participation of the personnel of the National Guard in the specific exercise gives the opportunity to gain additional experience and contributes to the increase of the operational possibilities of the special operations teams of the IGC. In addition, the implementation of similar exercises, in combination with the implementation of the Tripartite Cooperation Program between Greece – Cyprus, and Serbia, reflect the excellent cooperation between the Armed Forces of the three countries. ” concludes the announcement of Cypriot National Guard.

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